Instructor: Jeff Lebow Office: D571  Email: pufslebow@gmail.com
Office Hours: Tuesdays 5~7pm,  Fridays 4pm~6pm or by appointment    Course Website >>>  writingbridges.com
I. Description:
This is an advanced composition course that will focus on fine tuning writing skills acquired during prerequisite courses. Aspects of composition covered will include academic, creative, and letter writing.

51Svl4GQLcL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg II. Course textbook/resources Weaving it Together 3, 2nd edition
  Additional materials will be posted on the course website (http://writingbridges.com). An extensive list of online materials can be found in the ‘Resources’ section of the course website.   Students will be required to post assignments on their own blogs and/or Google Docs. We will also use tools like Quizlet for self-study, and Band for in-class activities and between-class communication. Students are expect to alway have a pen, paper, and fully charged phone battery.  They should also bring to each class some kind of ENG260 folder in which they keep all past assignments and handouts

III. Instruction Methods:
In class activities will include a variety of writing exercises, conferences, example analysis.  The use of technology will be an essential part of this course.  Blogs and Google Docs will be used by students to create an online portfolios. These will include most  writing assignments which will allow students to self and peer-assess each other's work.  We will also use online spaces to collaborate and connect with students from universities outside of Korea
IV. Grading
Students will be assessed according to the following criteria
20% Attendance
20%  Participation
20% Assignments
20% Midterm
20% Final Exam
Grades will be distributed based on the required university quotas:  25% A’s, 45% B’s,  30% C’s
There will be regular assignments given through the semester.  The midterm and final exams will include a take-home assignment and an in-class component.   Plagiarism (intentional or not) will result in significant loss of points or possibly an ‘F’.  

Instructor Notes
If you are absent
 a) please check the course website for information about any assignments you are still expected to complete
 b) and you think it should be excused, show me official documentation in class AND send an email to puflebow@gmail.com explaining your absence (if you think it should be excused).

Please make every effort to arrive on time. Those arriving more than five minutes late will be marked tardy. Students who start ‘packing up’ before class has been dismissed will also be marked tardy! Those more than 20 minutes late will be marked absent for that hour.  Please do not engage in off-task phone usage. Feel free to speak with me (in person or via email) any time you have questions or concerns about this course.

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