Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Past Tense Guide & Practice

Types of Past Tense

1. Simple Past

        I went to university in Philadelphia.   

2. Past Progressive (Past Continuous)  + Simple Past

       I was walking to the library when I saw her.   

3   Past Habitual

      I used to eat an entire large pizza by myself when I was a teenager.

4. Present Perfect
     I have been married for 19 years.
5.  Past Perfect
  I had known my wife for 6 months when we decided to get married.


Past Perfect vs. Past Continuous    623779
Past Perfect vs. Simple Past   910579
Prepositions of Time #1:    379571
Prepositions of Time #2:    317937

Past Experience Narrative Assignment

300~500 words

Describe 1-3 of the major events on your timeline.

Try to use a variety of past tense forms.
  • Set the scene (background information, context) 
  • What happened? (where when, how) 
  • Why was this important to you?

EGL115-08: Bring a printout of your first draft to class TOMORROW! (March 29)
You can see Jeff’s example here.

Week#3 Task: (Due March 25)
Create a Google Doc in your Folder and title it ' Your Name, Student #, Timeline Sentences'. Write at least 10 sentences based on your 'Life Timeline'. Use a variety of tenses and include at least one sentence of each type below.

Jeff’s Example

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