Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Past Tense Guide & Practice

Types of Past Tense


Past Perfect vs. Past Continuous    623779
Past Perfect vs. Simple Past   910579

1. Simple Past

        I went to university in Philadelphia.   

2. Past Progressive (Past Continuous)  + Simple Past

       I was walking to the library when I saw her.   

3   Past Habitual

      I used to eat an entire large pizza by myself when I was a teenager.

4. Present Perfect
     I have been married for 19 years.
5.  Past Perfect
  I had known my wife for 6 months when we decided to get married.  

Friday, March 1, 2019

EGL 115: Week #1 & #2

Week#1 Assignments

Due March 9 (11:59pm)

Join the EGL 115 Band for your class. EGL115-05       EGL115-08

➤ Get a Gmail Account: Install these apps: Google Drive, Docs, Translate.

➤ Post a selfie in the Band with your name (in 한글 ), Student #, Gmail Address and ‘Please call me…’

➤ Complete the Entrance Questionnaire

Writing Task#1:  
Type up 200-300 words about your 'Favorite Word'. Try to do so as a Google Doc in your EGL115 Writing Folder.  
Bring a printout of your writing to the first class of Week#2. Jeff's Example