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This is an advanced composition course that will focus on fine tuning writing skills acquired during prerequisite courses. Aspects of composition covered will include academic, creative, and letter writing.

Monday, December 10, 2018

EGL204 Final Challenge Practice

The materials below can help you prepare for the Final Challenge on December 18.
Midterm w/ Answers

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Questions #1~#10 are new.   #11~30 are from the midterm.

Sentence Corrections: (1~5 are from the midterm, 6~40 are from in-class sentence corrections)

  1. He is so nice guy! 
  2. me and my friend go library yesterday during two hour. 
  3. Sam has many free times these day. So he like watching movies, meet friends, and plays yoga. 
  4. Even I have been date my boyfriend since 2 years, yet i not meet his mother. 
  5. I visited each of Mexico and Hong-Kong for 2 times. 
  6. Her knee hurted before 3 months. But she still hard to walk. 
  7. I remember it was awkward at the first time 
  8. How do you think of Mexican food? 
  9. He ate few different things, but was still hungry. 
  10. They are so nice and kind people than I thought. 
  11. Every people face a challenge in life. 
  12. Even many people think him as honesty person, he is not. 
  13. The temperature was 39 degrees in Aug. 22, the hot day in the year. 
  14. My another goal is to lose 5kg. 
  15. We are hard to correcting all of sentences. 
  16. It’s been 2 years since I haven’t seen you 
  17. He is one of most famous singer in world 
  18. As I had lived in school dormitory, I need a new house to live in. 
  19. China is most influence country about Asia's football. 
  20. When I was in primary school, I knew a beautiful girl, who’s name is Gao Shujie. 
  21. When we arrived in Taipei, my friends and I went to Ximen firstly. 
  22. A few days ago, there were big elections happened in Taiwan 
  23. His companion need to be tolerated by loneliness and frustration for a long time. 
  24. The seller give more amount of food and more side dish than you actually ordered. 
  25. I'm very thank you for always listening to my story. 
  26. I like to enjoy to binge watching especially dramas. 
  27. He feel strange when a woman he love want to stay 
  28. When you seems them hard at first, 
  29. Nike collaborate with various other fashion brand, 
  30. There is no more special things 
  31. There is a research from the Economist. 
  32. The most popular menu here would be soju and beer. 
  33. He was one of the greatest singer in 70s. 
  34. When I became third grade in middle school 
  35. I complained a lot for serving the army. 
  36. recently korea try to reduce plastic trash 
  37. I will going to trip to Europe for two month. 
  38. On the right time, in the right place, the party begun. 
  39. Not only me and your father knows your effort. 
  40. We are hard to corrects all of sentences.

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