Monday, October 29, 2018

EGL204 Life After the Midterm

Midterm - grades posted Wednesday (cumulative score), answers here

Author's Choice Assignment:
For your final writing assignments, you will be able to choose which type of writing to do. You'll need to complete at least to major writing assignments and write at least 500 words.  If you want to make it longer or do extra assignments, that is great, but not required.  I will do my best to offer feedback on your writing, but can only guarantee feedback on 1500 words.
In class, we will work on writing mechanics, learn more about particular types of writing, and have conferencing time. The schedule for the next couple of weeks is:

Nov. 6: Decide the topic of your  first Author's Choice Assignment
                in-class:  Discuss your writing plan.  Check with Jeff. Make an outline.  Start Writing.
Nov. 9: 1st Draft of  Author's Choice Assignment Due, Bring a printout to class
Nov. 11 (8pm): Finish revisions to your first Author's Choice Writing
Nov.  13: Bring a printout of your revised writing (along with the  messy printout of your first draft)
November 16 Sentence Corrections

You can choose many different kinds of writing you like, but some possibilities are below: 
Writing Prompts
Job Application Materials
If you are interested in getting feedback on Resumes and/or Cover Letters, I will be glad to offer it, but those will not count as part of your optional assignment. You can find some helpful information at

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