Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Week#3 - Corrections, Revisions, & Chuseok Moments

In-Class Sentence Corrections (answers in your class group notes)


Finish revising your Identity assignment by September 22. When doing so, make sure to check for ‘low hanging fruit’.

  • Spell-check (it helps to use Chrome Browser)
  • There should be a space after periods and commas.
  • Every sentence begins with a capital letter
  • Make sure no sentence begins with FANBOYS.
  • ‘I’ should always always capitalized.
  • Do not create new revision documents, resolve comments, or show revisions.  Just revise.

Capturing a Chuseok moment.  At some time during your long weekend, notice a moment that is full of things to describe.  Take a few photos and/or write down at least ten words (not sentences) that describe the what you see, hear, smell, taste, and/or feel (physically and emotionally).

Complete Quizizz Practice by September 21.

  • Fanboys 836297
  • Past Perfect vs Simple Past 945063
  • Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous? 170587

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