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This is an advanced composition course that will focus on fine tuning writing skills acquired during prerequisite courses. Aspects of composition covered will include academic, creative, and letter writing.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Structured Opinion Essay

Opinion Outline Doc (File/Make a Copy) Title:  Your Name EGL212 Opinion Essay Outline

Jeff's Example

Opinion Essay Checklist
  • Is there an interesting hook? 
  • Is there a clear, strong thesis statement?(By the end of the first paragraph, do you know who is be persuaded of what and do you care?)
  • Are there are least three supporting arguments or reasons supporting the thesis statement?
  • Does the essay address at least one counter argument?
  • Would this essay help persuade you to agree with the author?
  • Is the fourth wall broken?

Starting with a Hook

Former Student Examples

  • There is a woman who accidentally got pregnant. 
  • A five years old child was playing in front of her house with her mother. Suddenly the tragedy happened 
  • ‘Language is a weapon’. I've always believe this.
Hook Guides:  Writing the Hook13 Examples   Hooks & Attention Grabbers

Don’t Break the fourth wall

Don’t tell the reader that you’re going to tell them something - just tell them!

Examples of things to avoid:

  • In my opinion, I support the legalization of same sex marriage
    > Same sex marriage should be legalized 
  • In this essay, I will handle that a couple who has cohabitated has more benefits than a couple who have never lived with each other.
    > A couple that has cohabitated has more benefits than a couple who has never lived with each other. 
  • My statement is that death penalty must be exist and it’s effective.
    > The death penalty must exist and is effective. 
  • Personally, I strongly believe euthanasia should be legalized. I have three reasons for my argument.
    > There are three reasons euthanasia should be legalized. 
  • Then I claim that couple should live together at least 6 months before they get marry. >A couple should live together 6 months before getting married.



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