Friday, April 12, 2019

Structured Opinion Essay

Opinion Outline Doc (File/Make a Copy) Title:  Your Name EGL115 Opinion Essay Outline

Jeff's Example

Opinion Essay Checklist
  • Is there an interesting hook? 
  • Is there a clear, strong thesis statement?(By the end of the first paragraph, do you know who is be persuaded of what and do you care?)
  • Are there are least three supporting arguments or reasons supporting the thesis statement?
  • Does the essay address at least one counter argument?
  • Would this essay help persuade you to agree with the author?
  • Is the fourth wall broken?

Starting with a Hook

Former Student Examples

  • There is a woman who accidentally got pregnant. 
  • A five years old child was playing in front of her house with her mother. Suddenly the tragedy happened 
  • ‘Language is a weapon’. I've always believe this.
Hook Guides:  Writing the Hook13 Examples   Hooks & Attention Grabbers

Don’t Break the fourth wall

Don’t tell the reader that you’re going to tell them something - just tell them!

Examples of things to avoid:

  • In my opinion, I support the legalization of same sex marriage
    > Same sex marriage should be legalized 
  • In this essay, I will handle that a couple who has cohabitated has more benefits than a couple who have never lived with each other.
    > A couple that has cohabitated has more benefits than a couple who has never lived with each other. 
  • My statement is that death penalty must be exist and it’s effective.
    > The death penalty must exist and is effective. 
  • Personally, I strongly believe euthanasia should be legalized. I have three reasons for my argument.
    > There are three reasons euthanasia should be legalized. 
  • Then I claim that couple should live together at least 6 months before they get marry. >A couple should live together 6 months before getting married.


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