Sunday, September 2, 2018

EGL204 - Week#1 & Week#2

In class: 

Week#1 Assignments

Due September 4

Join the EGL204 Band for your class. EGL204-01   EGL204-02


➤ Get a Gmail Account: Install these apps: Google Drive, Docs, Translate.

➤ Post a selfie in the Band with your name (in 한글 ), Student #, Gmail Address and ‘Please call me…’

Due September 8   

➤ Complete the Entrance Questionnaire

Writing Task#1:  
List all of the different parts of your identity. Then write 300 or more words describing at least three different parts of your identity. Please do this on a Google Doc in your EGL204 Writing Folder. Create a document named 'Your Name - Identity Assignment'.  Feel free to include any related photos. You can see Jeff's Example here.
Bring a printout of your writing to class on Sept. 11.
Finish your first draft revisions by Sept. 12 11:59pm. 

Writing Task#2:  

Based on your timeline, write 10 sentences using different forms of past and future. Create a Google Doc in your folder entitled "Your Name - 10 Past & Future Timeline Sentences".  Jeff's Example
EGL204-01 Due: Thursday, September 13 by 6pm

EGL204-02 Due: Sunday, September 16 by 6pm
Past & Future Verb Forms Guide

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