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Monday, May 14, 2018

Speak, Say, Tell, Talk & To Be vs To Do

Speak, Say, Tell Talk Guide#1

Video Guide: Confusing English Verbs: SAY | TELL | TALK | SPEAK

speak·talk·tell·say 차이점

I spoke with my girlfriend yesterday.
We talked for over an hour.
I told her I loved her.
She said she loved me too.

To talk to/with somebody (about something) (same as speak) 
I talked with/to her (about my disease). 
To talk about something
The teacher talked about the verbs in the past. 
As a noun. 
We need to have a talk. 

To speak to/with somebody (same as talk)
I spoke to the teacher.
To speak about something
He spoke about the new salary.
To speak a language
 I speak English.

To tell “somebody” “something” 
He told her he loved her.
To tell “somebody” about “something” 
He told her that he was busy. 
To tell (ask) “somebody” to “do something” 
He told (asked) us to study. 
To tell a story, a joke, a lie, a secret, the truth, the difference, the time.
The thief told the truth to the police. The thief told the police the truth. 

To say “something to somebody
He said (that) he slept more than necessary.
He said (that) he loved her.
Did you say something? Did you say that…? 

Be vs Do

DO is used as an auxiliary verb in negative statements  and questions.

We do not want to take the test.
Do you like ice cream?

BE is usually followed by an adjective, a noun, or a prepositional phrase.

She is very busy
They are teachers.
It was on the table/.

Say/Speak/Tell/Talk: 442427
To Be vs To Do: 062219

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