Monday, April 30, 2018

Week#9 & 10

To Discuss
- Midterms: Answers, scores,  thoughts
- Practice: see midterm page, EGO (English Grammar Online)
- Upcoming Assignments: Narrative Essay, Author's Choice
- Auto-translate Experiment

Narrative Essay
  • Things to remember as you plan your narrative essay
    - You are not just telling a story - what's the 'lesson learned' and/or moral of the story?
    - What's the hook?  How can you start in an interesting way?
    - What are the chronological details you will include in the story?|
    - Showing, not Telling
  • Before May 3 class:  Google Translate Experiment.  Post a narrative paragraph and auto-translations to  your Auto-Translate Experiment Doc:  EGL203-04   EGL 203-06
    Review Narrative Essay Materials (Packet pages 20-21, links above)
  • May 3 class: Prepare at least one Third Person Narrative Essay Topic. 
    We will outline it in class. 
  • May 7: No class :(
  • May 10:  Bring  a printout of the outline and first draft of your Narrative Essay.
    The essay should be 400~1,000,000 words. 
  • May 12: Finish making edits to the first draft of your narrative essay.

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