Monday, April 9, 2018

Week#6 - Opinion Essay Edits & Word Order

Opinion Essay Checklist
- Is there an interesting hook? Any suggestions?
- Is there a clear, strong thesis statement?
- Are there are least three supporting arguments or reasons supporting the thesis statement?
- Does the essay address at least one counter argument?
- Would this essay help persuade you to agree with the author?

- Does the essay make a point directly or tell me that it’s going to make a point?  Is the fourth wall broken?

After checking your essay with classmates, please revise your Google Doc  Find at least one sentence that you're not sure how to fix or improve and post it in the 'Is it OK?' table of your class groups.  This can be related to grammar or opinion essay structure.
Group Notes:  EGL203-04     EGL203-06 

Word Order Guide

Adjective Word Order

Word Order Practice

Adjective Word Order   287530
Word Type Word Order   573409
Star Wars Word Order   418901

Coming Soon!  Explain To/For

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