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Instructor: Jeff Lebow Office: D571 Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: Wednesdays 2-5pm,
Website >>> writingbridges.com

This is an advanced composition course that will focus on fine tuning writing skills acquired during prerequisite courses. Aspects of composition covered will include academic, creative, and letter writing.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Week#5 - Opinion Essay Prep

Before Thursday's Class: 
  • Look through the pages 17~19 (Opinion Essay Readings) in your EGL203 Writing Packet
  • Choose your Opinion Topic and post it in the Band
  • Research your topic and think about your most important supporting arguments
  • Do NOT write your essay
    Essay Outline Format

Writing a five paragraph opinion essay

        A Cat is a Man's Best Friend
        The Benefits of Regular Exercise
        The Hazards of Moviegoing
        The Three Africas
        Why Study Shakespeare?

If You Teach or Write 5-Paragraph Essays--Stop It!


Due April 9 Write a 500-1000 word opinion essay.  Create a Google Doc in your EGL203 Writing folder before our next class and change the title to 'Your Name - Opinion Essay'. . Proofread your writing at least once and BRING A PRINTOUT of this first draft to our next class. Also bring your outline (no matter how messy it is).

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