Sunday, March 25, 2018

Week#4 - Descriptive Revisions & Mechanics Practce

Language Points

As, like, so, such

  • as (adj) as a (noun/noun phrase) [as strong as an ox, as smelly as a skunk]
  • like a (noun/noun phrase) [That class was like watching grass grow, I slept like a log]
  • so (adj) [I'm so tired. ]
  • such a (adj) (noun) [He's such a nice guy. ]
Don't forget your subjects.
Went to the store. >>> I went to the store.


Error Correction#2

Mechanics Practice

Prepositions - 074719
Punctuation#1 - 338549
Commas, Conjunctions, and Transitions  - 488428
Collocations  - 224920

ASSIGNMENT (Due March 31, 11:59pm)
Make final revisions to your Descriptive Writing.

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