Friday, September 21, 2018

Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing Tips
  • Paint a picture - Show vs. Tell
    Consider all senses (sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures)
  • Include active, powerful, energetic verbs
  • Choose flavorful (juicy) adjectives and nouns
  • Connect to the heart and the mind
  • Notice small, interesting details
  • Use metaphors and similes when appropriate

Videos & Presentations


Capturing a Chuseok moment. At some time during your long weekend, notice a moment that is full of things to describe. Take a few photos and/or write down at least ten words (not sentences) that describe the what you see, hear, smell, taste, and/or feel (physically and emotionally).

Write 200-400 words describing you Chuseok moment as powerfully as possible. Do not just describe a series of events (e.g. first this happened, then that happened). Instead help the reader know what it felt, looked, sounded, and smelled like to be in that moment and why that moment touched you.

Type this as a Google Doc in your ‘EGL204 Writings’ folder by Oct. 1 and bring a printed copy to class on Tuesday, Oct 2 .

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