Sunday, March 25, 2018

Week#4 - Descriptive Revisions & Mechanics Practce

Language Points

As, like, so, such

  • as (adj) as a (noun/noun phrase) [as strong as an ox, as smelly as a skunk]
  • like a (noun/noun phrase) [That class was like watching grass grow, I slept like a log]
  • so (adj) [I'm so tired. ]
  • such a (adj) (noun) [He's such a nice guy. ]
Don't forget your subjects.
Went to the store. >>> I went to the store.


Error Correction#2

Mechanics Practice

Prepositions - 074719
Punctuation#1 - 338549
Commas, Conjunctions, and Transitions  - 488428
Collocations  - 224920

ASSIGNMENT (Due March 31, 11:59pm)
Make final revisions to your Descriptive Writing.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Week#3 Descriptive Writing

In Class Task:
Describing the ‘Captured Moment’

Our goal is to generate language that powerfully describes your moment.

  • Share some background information - (e.g. who was involved, where it happened, what happened before your moment)
  • Share the words/phrases that you wrote down one at a time. For each word, describe your moment as completely as possible, using some of the methods below.
  • Give lots of specific sensory details to help the reader visualize the entire scene.   What/How did you see, hear, taste, smell, feel (physically and emotionally)
  • Linger on important descriptions and use similes and metaphors to develop them. 
  • Delve into your thoughts and tell us what you were thinking and feeling at the time.
  • Group members, ask questions and help generate even more descriptive language.


Due March 22 Write between 400-600 words describing your moment.  If you prefer, you can write about two different moments.  Create a Google Doc in your EGL203 Writing folder before our next class. Proofread your writing at least once and BRING A PRINTOUT of this first draft to our next class.
Due March 24 (11:59pm) Revise the first draft of your Descriptive Writing. Make changes based on the in-class discussions. Then proofread it one more time using the Editing Checklist (page 2 of the EGL203 packet). Jeff's Hope - Every sentence starts with a CAPITAL letter - No sentences that start with FANBOYS
- No lowercase 'i' for the first person pronoun. I want ever example of 'I' to be capitalized.