Monday, August 6, 2018

Welcome to EGL 203

EGL 203
Advanced Composition
Spring 2018
Busan University of Foreign Studies

: Jeff Lebow Office: D571  Email: 
Office Hours Mondays 5~7pm,  Tuesdays 4:30pm~6:30pm or by appointment  Course Website >>>

This is an advanced composition course that will focus on fine tuning writing skills acquired during prerequisite courses. Aspects of composition covered will include academic, creative, and letter writing.

Group Notes:  EGL203-04     EGL203-06  

Hangul Romanization Guide and Converter

EGL203 Packet:  Google Doc   PDF

Sunday, June 3, 2018

EGL203 Final

June 10 Finish revising your Author's Choice Essay. 

June 11/14: Optional Conferences

Monday, June 18: Final Quiz
- Short Writing Task - Sentence Error Correction focusing on what we've done in class including...
Some questions will be taken from the Midterm Quiz - Questions and Answers are here
There will also a Quizizz portion of the quiz checking aspects of writing mechanics we've covered. Most questions will be taken from this list of Quizizz

Optional Individual Conferences (June 11 & June 14)
These are totally optional and will not affect your grade. If you would like to go over any of your writing assignments or have anything else you'd like to discuss with me, feel free to sign up for an appointment.
Times: Monday June 11 4~7pm
Thursday June 14, 4-7pm
Conference Sign-up Form

Practice Activities

Parallel Structure
Exercise 1     Interactive Exercise

Exercise 2     Interactive Exercise

Subject Verb Agreement

Exercise 1 Interactive Exercise

Exercise 2   Interactive Exercise


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Author's Choice Writing Assignments

Wise Sayings Assignment (Due May 23)
In your Group Notes, post your Favorite Wise Sayings and description of why you like them. You only need to describe one, but list as many as you like, especially ones not listed on the handout.

List of Wise Sayings

Group Notes:  
EGL203-04     EGL203-06  

Author's Choice Assignment:  For your final writing assignment, you will be able to choose which type of writing to do.. It needs to be at least 500 words.  If you want to make it longer or do extra assignments, that is OK, but not required.  I will do my best to offer feedback on your writring, but can only guarantee feedback on the first 1000 words.
In class we will work on writing mechanics, learn more about particular types of writing, and have conferencing time. The schedule for the rest of the semester is:

May 28: Decide the type and topic of your Author's Choice Assignment
                in-class:  Discuss your writing plan.  Check with Jeff. Make an outline.  Start Writing.
May 31: 1st Draft of  Author's Choice Assignment Due, Bring printout to class
June 4/7: Work on writings in class, Prepare for Midterm
June 10, Final Edits of Elective Writing#1 Due
June 11/14: Optional Conferences
June 18:  Final Exam in class

You can choose many different kinds of writing you like, but some possibilities are below: 
Writing Prompts
Job Application Materials
If you are interested in getting feedback on Resumes and/or Cover Letters, I will be glad to offer it, but those will not count as part of your optional assignment. You can find some helpful information at

Use of translators and grammar checkers is allowed, but must be mentioned at the bottom of your essay.  Anything

Monday, May 14, 2018

Speak, Say, Tell, Talk & To Be vs To Do

Speak, Say, Tell Talk Guide#1

Video Guide: Confusing English Verbs: SAY | TELL | TALK | SPEAK

speak·talk·tell·say 차이점

I spoke with my girlfriend yesterday.
We talked for over an hour.
I told her I loved her.
She said she loved me too.

To talk to/with somebody (about something) (same as speak) 
I talked with/to her (about my disease). 
To talk about something
The teacher talked about the verbs in the past. 
As a noun. 
We need to have a talk. 

To speak to/with somebody (same as talk)
I spoke to the teacher.
To speak about something
He spoke about the new salary.
To speak a language
 I speak English.

To tell “somebody” “something” 
He told her he loved her.
To tell “somebody” about “something” 
He told her that he was busy. 
To tell (ask) “somebody” to “do something” 
He told (asked) us to study. 
To tell a story, a joke, a lie, a secret, the truth, the difference, the time.
The thief told the truth to the police. The thief told the police the truth. 

To say “something to somebody
He said (that) he slept more than necessary.
He said (that) he loved her.
Did you say something? Did you say that…? 

Be vs Do

DO is used as an auxiliary verb in negative statements  and questions.

We do not want to take the test.
Do you like ice cream?

BE is usually followed by an adjective, a noun, or a prepositional phrase.

She is very busy
They are teachers.
It was on the table/.
Say/Speak/Tell/Talk: 442427
To Be vs To Do: 062219

Monday, April 30, 2018

Week#9 & 10

To Discuss
- Midterms: Answers, scores,  thoughts
- Practice: see midterm page, EGO (English Grammar Online)
- Upcoming Assignments: Narrative Essay, Author's Choice
- Auto-translate Experiment

Narrative Essay
  • Things to remember as you plan your narrative essay
    - You are not just telling a story - what's the 'lesson learned' and/or moral of the story?
    - What's the hook?  How can you start in an interesting way?
    - What are the chronological details you will include in the story?|
    - Showing, not Telling
  • Before May 3 class:  Google Translate Experiment.  Post a narrative paragraph and auto-translations to  your Auto-Translate Experiment Doc:  EGL203-04   EGL 203-06
    Review Narrative Essay Materials (Packet pages 20-21, links above)
  • May 3 class: Prepare at least one Third Person Narrative Essay Topic. 
    We will outline it in class. 
  • May 7: No class :(
  • May 10:  Bring  a printout of the outline and first draft of your Narrative Essay.
    The essay should be 400~1,000,000 words. 
  • May 12: Finish making edits to the first draft of your narrative essay.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Midterms - Spring 2018

Assignment:  By April 21, finish revising your Opinion Essay.  Do you best to correct the errors that were commented on.

Written quiz Monday, April 23
- Writing tasks involving basic mechanics
- Sentence Error Correction focusing on
Individual Conferences
Aside from showing up or not, conferences will not affect your grades. It is just an opportunity to meet with Jeff one-on-one to..
  • get acquainted (or catch-up)
  • go over specific writing questions and/or course progress
    - Prepare specific questions about error corrections on your writing assignments
    - What are your biggest writing challenges and/or confusions?
  • discuss anything else you'd like.
Sign-up by 10 pm April 17
Times: Monday April 23, 2pm~5pm, 7pm~8pm Monday April 30, 2pm~5pm
 Conference Sign-up Form

Practice Activities

Parallel Structure
Exercise 1     Interactive Exercise

Exercise 2     Interactive Exercise

Subject Verb Agreement

Exercise 1 Interactive Exercise

Exercise 2   Interactive Exercise

Preposition Quizzes

Monday, April 9, 2018

Week#6 - Opinion Essay Edits & Word Order

Opinion Essay Checklist
- Is there an interesting hook? Any suggestions?
- Is there a clear, strong thesis statement?
- Are there are least three supporting arguments or reasons supporting the thesis statement?
- Does the essay address at least one counter argument?
- Would this essay help persuade you to agree with the author?

- Does the essay make a point directly or tell me that it’s going to make a point?  Is the fourth wall broken?

After checking your essay with classmates, please revise your Google Doc  Find at least one sentence that you're not sure how to fix or improve and post it in the 'Is it OK?' table of your class groups.  This can be related to grammar or opinion essay structure.
Group Notes:  EGL203-04     EGL203-06 

Word Order Guide

Adjective Word Order

Word Order Practice

Adjective Word Order   287530
Word Type Word Order   573409
Star Wars Word Order   418901

Coming Soon!  Explain To/For

Monday, April 2, 2018

Week#5 - Opinion Essay Prep

Before Thursday's Class: 
  • Look through the pages 17~19 (Opinion Essay Readings) in your EGL203 Writing Packet
  • Choose your Opinion Topic and post it in the Band
  • Research your topic and think about your most important supporting arguments
  • Do NOT write your essay
    Essay Outline Format

Writing a five paragraph opinion essay

        A Cat is a Man's Best Friend
        The Benefits of Regular Exercise
        The Hazards of Moviegoing
        The Three Africas
        Why Study Shakespeare?

If You Teach or Write 5-Paragraph Essays--Stop It!


Due April 9 Write a 500-1000 word opinion essay.  Create a Google Doc in your EGL203 Writing folder before our next class and change the title to 'Your Name - Opinion Essay'. . Proofread your writing at least once and BRING A PRINTOUT of this first draft to our next class. Also bring your outline (no matter how messy it is).

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Week#4 - Descriptive Revisions & Mechanics Practce

Language Points

As, like, so, such

  • as (adj) as a (noun/noun phrase) [as strong as an ox, as smelly as a skunk]
  • like a (noun/noun phrase) [That class was like watching grass grow, I slept like a log]
  • so (adj) [I'm so tired. ]
  • such a (adj) (noun) [He's such a nice guy. ]
Don't forget your subjects.
Went to the store. >>> I went to the store.


Error Correction#2

Mechanics Practice

Prepositions - 074719
Punctuation#1 - 338549
Commas, Conjunctions, and Transitions  - 488428
Collocations  - 224920

ASSIGNMENT (Due March 31, 11:59pm)
Make final revisions to your Descriptive Writing.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Week#3 Descriptive Writing

In Class Task:
Describing the ‘Captured Moment’

Our goal is to generate language that powerfully describes your moment.

  • Share some background information - (e.g. who was involved, where it happened, what happened before your moment)
  • Share the words/phrases that you wrote down one at a time. For each word, describe your moment as completely as possible, using some of the methods below.
  • Give lots of specific sensory details to help the reader visualize the entire scene.   What/How did you see, hear, taste, smell, feel (physically and emotionally)
  • Linger on important descriptions and use similes and metaphors to develop them. 
  • Delve into your thoughts and tell us what you were thinking and feeling at the time.
  • Group members, ask questions and help generate even more descriptive language.


Due March 22 Write between 400-600 words describing your moment.  If you prefer, you can write about two different moments.  Create a Google Doc in your EGL203 Writing folder before our next class. Proofread your writing at least once and BRING A PRINTOUT of this first draft to our next class.
Due March 24 (11:59pm) Revise the first draft of your Descriptive Writing. Make changes based on the in-class discussions. Then proofread it one more time using the Editing Checklist (page 2 of the EGL203 packet). Jeff's Hope - Every sentence starts with a CAPITAL letter - No sentences that start with FANBOYS
- No lowercase 'i' for the first person pronoun. I want ever example of 'I' to be capitalized.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Weeks#1 & #2 - Orientation & Getting Acquainted


In class:
Print out the EGL203 Packet:  Google Doc   PDF  and bring it to every class.
& Capture a moment - in your mind and with words and phrases

At some point during the next 80 hours,‘capture a moment’ worthy of description. While you’re in the moment or shortly thereafter, become very aware of what is going on and what you are feeling.  Take a ‘mental recording’ and as soon as possible write down words and phrases (in any language) that capture everything you can about that moment and help others understand what you sensed and felt. There can be meaning in the simple moments of life, so the moment doesn’t have to involve a lot of activity.   Examples include: Being squeezed between two smelly guys on the subway, taking a romantic walk on the beach, staring at yourself in the mirror wondering if your bangs look right, taking your first sip of beer on Friday night, coming home to your dog wagging its tail like crazy and slobbering all over you, lying awake at night hearing the ticking of a clock worrying about….

On Monday, March 19, bring your list of words and phrases to class.  Do not turn them into sentences or paragraphs yet - we will do that next weekend.  For now, just capture the moment.
Check Page 16  of the EGL203 Packet for helpful tips.

Useful Tools

Week#1 Assignments In class
due by March 6 (11:59pm)

due by March 11 (11:59pm)
  • Writing Task#1: List all of the different parts of your identity. Then write 300 or more words describing at least three different parts of your identity. Please do this on a Google Doc in your EGL203 Writing Folder. Feel free to include any related photos. You can see Jeff's Example here.
    How to Use Google Docs for your Writing AssignmentsWhen you are done, please copy and paste your writing into the Class Band.