Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week#9 - Midterm Review - Challenges/Conditional Statements

Today's Task:  Write campaign talking points

The most important challenges facing _________ are.....
                                                       the nation, the world, me

Desirable outcomes  / undesirable outcomes
what you want to happen
what you don’t want to happen
need to lose weight

stressed about exams

fighting with my girlfriend
I lose 5kg and feel better.
I gain 10 more  kg.

I study hard and get straight A’s.
I become unhealthy and fail all my exams.
the country

the world

Conditional Statement Structures

Challenge > Desirable outcome > Required Action
Challenge > Undesirable outcome > action that would lead to that.

Challenge: I weigh too much.
desired outcome <> required action
>>If I want to lose weight, I need to stop eating so much junk food.

>>required action <> desired outcome
If I stop eating junk food, I will be able to lose weight.

Action that causes an undesirable outcome - undesirable outcome
If I don’t stop eating junk food, I will gain more weight
The most important challenges facing the country/the world today are.....

If we....,
If we want...., then we need to....
If we continue to ...., then our nation, economy, children.....
If we don’t stop…., We may
If you want ….., then you should
If I …. then I…
Assignment:  Due tonight (April 27) at 10pm
Write at least three ‘if’ statements about three different challenges in our group notes.

We will take a quick look at your midterms in class April 28.
Midterm Answers

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