Thursday, March 23, 2017

Week#4 - Revising Photo Descriptions, Topic Sentences, & Opinion Essay Brainstorm

  • Choose one of  your 'Get Acquainted' answers and revise it so that it follows the paragraph structure described on page 14.  Make the topic sentence bold.  If you'd like to start from scratch and write a new paragraph, feel free to do so.  Either way, increase the font size of that paragraph so that Jeff knows which one it is.
  • Finish revising your photo descriptions by 6pm on Saturday, March 25
    Jeff will take another look at your essay and make comments by 6pm on Sunday March 26.

    (Optional) If there are still error comments that you don't know how to fix, submit a maximum of two to our 'What's the Problem?' Doc between 6pm March 26 and 6pm March 27.   Write the complete sentence that contains the error.  

Topic Sentences
Topic Sentence Exercises

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