Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week#3 - Corrections, Error Codes, & Quizlet

In Class
  1. Revise your photo description Google Doc by 11:59 Saturday March 18.
  2. Read 'Color Me Pink’ (pages 5~7). Look at the vocabulary activities. We will not cover reading comprehension activities, but will start writing activities next week.
  3. Choose at least three vocabulary words or phrases you've learned this semester and create a Quizlet Set.  Please name your set "your name - ENG260 Vocabulary'.  Please let Jeff know the URL of your Quizlet. You can post it in the Band, send him an email, or post a link on your blog.  (if you have technical issues Watch the Quizlet Screencast and/or post a question in our Band) 
  4. (Optional) Start blogging for pleasure. Choose something of interest and write about. Possible topics include sports, fashion video games, news and politics, life’s big questions, and  career-related issues. I encourage you to link to other blogs and sites, but do not copy and paste more than a sentence or two and never without citation. 

Quizlet Screencast Guide

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