Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week#12 - Peer Editing & Writing Letters

ASSIGNMENT - November 18

Finish revising your Assignment#6 Google Doc by Thursday, Nov. 19 11:59pm
Check for comments on Sunday and post it on your blog.

Finish the first draft of Assignment#7 (a letter) by Monday, Nov. 23 and bring a printout to class.  

List of Writing Assignments

#1 Get Acquainted Questions
#2 Opinion Essay
#3 Descriptive Writing
#4 Narrative Essay
#5 About Me
#6 Blogger's Choice
#7 Letter Writing

ASSIGNMENT - November 16
Revise your Google Doc.  Post any sentences you're not sure how to correct on the

November 16 Sentence Tweaks Google Doc 

Error Corrections from Wednesday's Class

Letter Writing Resources

Addressing in-class questions
adjective + to /for (e.g. important for me / to me )

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