Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week#11 - Is Your Writing Making a Good First Impression?

A Warm-up Kahoot - Collocations & Phrasal Verbs

For the remainder of the semester, you will be able to choose the type of writing you do.  You will need to produce at least four more pieces using a total of at least 1000 words. Possible types of writing include….

Blogger's Choice Writing 
Possible types of writing include..

Take a number. While some people complain about the frequency with which bloggers use them, titles featuring numbers do work.  125 Free Blog Topics.

Teach me. How-tos are powerful. One reason people read blogs is to get more and broader information about topics of interest to them. Let readers know that your post is providing a useful mini-lesson. Here’s a good example from this blog, How to Be a Twitter Chat Champion.
Ask a question. This works well because readers subconsciously answer the question and get drawn in. Here’s a title integrated with a personal question: Are You Practicing Spaghetti PR?
Are you talking to me? Make your titles personal. Include the word “you” to pull readers in with the sense that you’re talking directly to them. Here’s an example: Are you Cultivating Your Next Generation of Social Media Super Users?

Just say no. Some of my best performing posts are attributable to telling readers not to do something. No one can resist being told that they can’t do something. It just adds to the allure. Don’t Tweet This.

Take advantage of popular trends. Take your pick of pop culture and leverage it to create a wonderful post. Here’s an example of how to use current events, After Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami, What Matters to You? 

Make an unusual association. Make an unexpected connection that gets readers thinking. For example, What Obama can learn from Sarah Palin

Be a contrarian. Be controversial and go against the majority. Realize that while this is useful for gathering comments, they may be filled with strong emotions. : How to get lurkers to engage.

In-class task
Brainstorm at least three types of writing, topics, and working titles for future blog posts. Share these with your group members and give each other feedback and suggestions.

Assignment Come to class with the topic, title and first sentence for your next piece of writing Wednesday will be a 'Writing Worksihop' Day.

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