Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week#7 - Blog Plans & Midterm Prep

Odds & Ends
  • Thanks and kudos
  • Connecting with George Hello, I'm JustGeorgeJ. I run the blog which has been linked by your course tutor for your composition module. I am extremely happy that my site has been chosen as an example and I welcome any of you to ask my questions if you need any help.
    Happy blogging! 
    - JustGeorgeJ
  • Beyond Description! Sentence Tweaks

Blogs Check out the Blogger guide for information about creating menu tabs and categories. 
During the second half of the semester, we will focus on creating more blog content. The aim is to post things that help you achieve a goal. This could be getting a job, exploring your creativity, developing an expertise, building a personal learning network/personal professional network, and/or anything else you like.
What is your goal?  You can have more than one.
Search for blogs that produce the kind of content you want to produce.

Privacy optional. If you don't want your blog to be public anymore, you can share it with just your classmates. You can also keep it public, but hide your true identity.

Write an About Me page that includes
  • A short introduction
  • Information about your interests and future plans
  • A description of what you plan to do with your blog

Midterm Wednesday, Oct 21
Written quiz
Sentence Error Correction focusing on
  • Articles/Determiners
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Passive Voice
  • Subject Verb Agreement
  • Parallel Structure

One-on-one conference (after the written quiz or via Hangout)
  • Blog plans
  • Go over writings
  • Whatever You like

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