Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week#5 - Opinion Polishing & Descriptive Writings

Descriptive Writing



Polishing Your Opinion Essays

Feedback Thoughts
  • Writing is hard
  • The goal of this course
  • Updated correction codes
  • An example of what Jeff likes to see
  • Things that annoy Jeff at 1am
    - Lack of spell checking, capitalization, uncorrected fixes


Opinion Essay:
'Polish' your opinion essay to the best of your ability and post it on your blog by Oct. 6.  Feel free to include images and links.

Descriptive Writing:
Create a Doc in the 'Your Name - Student# - ENG251 Writings' folder of your Google Drive.
Write at least 10 descriptive sentences about your Chuseok moment.  For now, don't worry about essay structure.
Use thesaurus.comvisual thesaurus , or Words-to-Use.com  to stretch your vocabulary and write powerful descriptions.   If you're not sure how common a word is, check out Wordcount.org

Monday's Class (Oct. 5) will be  'Writing Workshop' time.  You can finalize opinion essay edits and start working on putting the pieces of your descriptive essay together.

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